The changing face of Brisbane


  1. Bridging the gap to Brisbane's future

    I am standing on top of Story Bridge and taking in a spectacular view of the heart and soul of Australia's third biggest city. Sweeping before me are the symbols of Brisbane's progress from penal settlement nearly 200 years ago to vibrant international metropolis today.
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  2. Thriving creative heart gives musicians a reason to stay

    Australia’s music industry has its headline night this week when the ARIA Awards are held in Sydney.
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  3. Unforgettable memories underpin dynamic vision for Gabba

    Big matches, big moments, big crowds. Unforgettable memories. This has been the Gabba for more than 120 years.
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  4. A right royal show, our own and our way

    It’s just 10 days out of a calendar of 365 but the 10 days of the Ekka are a bookmark in the lives of Queenslanders.
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  5. A New Yorker's love letter to her home town of Brisbane

    The Brisbane River is dotted with zippy CityCat ferries, markets, museums and bustling restaurants and bars on this perfect sunshiney day – a stark contrast to grey New York City, from where I’ve just flown.
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  6. Mid-year project update

    A look at the progress of the major projects transforming Brisbane.
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  7. The gamechangers making 'old Brisbane' Australia's most exciting city

    On a warm Saturday morning on December 1, 1923, dignitaries and common folk alike gathered in Newstead Park, just north of the Brisbane CBD, to kick off celebrations for the centenary of the city’s founding.
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  8. Tasting is believing: The remarkable dining transformation of my home town

    It’s taken a while, suffering through food fads and bad wine, but I can honestly say that Brisbane’s dining scene has finally come of age, and there are more exciting times ahead.
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  9. The changing face of my Brisbane

    There have been a few versions of the Brisbane that I have come to know and love.
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